Service Day Summary 2019

All students grades 7-12 participated on Tuesday, April 30. This is a day that we are hoping to
turn into an annual event.
We had 8 high school groups and 9 junior high groups that performed community service
throughout the community and at our high school building/grounds. High school students were
able to pick where they wanted to go to do their service on a first-come basis. Students
completed service activities that included picking up trash around our community, working at the
fire department, visiting a nursing home, painting and cleaning at the fairgrounds, and cleaning
up at one of the local cemeteries. Junior high students worked on cleaning storage closets,
rearranging and cleaning trophy cases, raking leaves around fences, cleaning windows, desks,
and doors at the school and cleaning up the ball diamonds and school grounds.
The Graphic Arts class submitted t-shirt designs for the event and three students (Amanda
Koehler, Makenzie Walk, and Emily Morecraft) collaborated together for the final design of the
t-shirts that each student received. The shirts that were purchased were sponsored by
Brownstown Alumni from the following businesses: Lanracorp, Andy’s Auto Body, Hunter
Appliance, Heating & Air, Denny’s, Redhawk Propane, Deer Park Distributors, and the Fayette
County Speedway. The First National Bank of Brownstown donated water and cookies to
students. BHS appreciates the support that we received from these businesses. If there are any
businesses that would like to support this program in the future, they may contact the school at for more information.