Online Registration

Online registration will be available July 1 – July 29.  Please note that you will still need to attend registration on August 8th to fill out medical information and pay any registration fees.  

By registering online, you will be able to update all of your student information and save time on registration day.  To register online, simply log in to your TeacherEase account and follow the link at the top of the page.  Step #1 is the most important.  You will need to click on the link to the right of your screen and complete all of the steps as prompted.  The other steps are optional and will be available for you to fill out at registration if you choose not to print them. 

If you have forgotten your username or password, please check your email.  A reminder has been sent to you.  

Please contact the Elementary office at 618-427-3368 or the Jr-Sr High School office at 618-427-3839 if you need any help or have questions or concerns.

Thank you!