November 23, 2021

Dear Brownstown Parents, Guardians, Staff and Students,

The Brownstown Board of Education revised its Return to School plans which align with the Center for Disease Control’s Guidance for K-12 Schools.  This guidance will take effect December 6, 2021 and  provides our school district with the framework to continue to provide a safe and healthy learning environment that will result in another successful school year at Brownstown Schools.

 For the most part, the plan remains the same.  There are two important changes in the document I would like to highlight.  The most significant change is the decision of the local school board, with input from the local health department, to make decisions regarding the layered prevention strategies that best meet the needs of our school population, families, students and community.   Another important change is the move away from the masking mandate for everyone in school buildings and to a mask recommended policy for everyone in school buildings. Please note, a mask recommended policy does not mean that the Board of Education and Administration cannot determine, based on local metrics, that there is a need to mandate masks in school buildings among other layered prevention strategies.  By making these changes, the Board of Education is simply taking back local control of these decisions.

 Certain aspects of the layered prevention strategies are subject to change based on local conditions related to the spread of COVID-19.  Any changes to the school board approved Return to School Plan will be communicated to our parents, students, staff and community in a timely manner.  The Board approved Return to School Plan can be accessed, along with building plans, at


Mike Shackelford, Superintendent