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Boys Basketball NTC review

This year marked the 82nd annual boys basketball NTC tournament at Altamont High School. With six schools consolidating sports there were nine teams in all. These teams include the St. Anthony Bulldogs, Altamont Indians, WSS (Windsor-Stewardson Strasburg)Hatchets, SEB (St. Elmo-Brownstown) Eagles, Dieterich Movin’ Maroons, CHBC (Cowden Herrick-Beecher City) Bobcats, South Central Cougars, Neoga Indians, and the North Clay Cardinals. The games started on Monday, January 23rd and ended on Saturday, January 29th. There were fourteen games in total that could have been heard on 979 XFM as well as live streaming on YouTube for every game.  

This year the St. Elmo/Brownstown boys played their first NTC game on Tuesday versus the South Central Cougars. The Eagles came out on top with a big win placing them in the winning bracket for their Thursday night game. With the Eagles on top and back on track they were going to put it all on the line on Thursday. The men played a fast pace game pushing the ball up the court with extreme intensity on defense led them to victory. The Eagles also brought back a press that they went away from early in the season that helped them dramatically in the NTC.

On Thursday, January 28th the Eagles played game 8 versus the St. Anthony Bulldogs. “The guys played a good game, not the best they have ever played but playing against a state ranked team like that you know it's going to be tough” said coach Feezel. The Eagles fell short to the Bulldogs but their confidence was still high. With the Eagles winning one and losing one they were going for the third place trophy on Saturday, January 30th. Eagles vs the Hatchets who they fell short of earlier in the season. This is a game the guys really wanted, they were putting it all on the line because this is a team that we had payback for.  

The Eagles started their day with a practice to plan on what they could do different to get a win over this team. The men were confident and ready for a battle at 2 o'clock game time. The locker room was loud with screaming and chanting with high intensity and high expectations for the Eagles.  The men took the court with a lot of energy getting a quick lead of 8-0 over the Hatchets. WSS quickly responded bringing the scare back within 2 at the first quarter buzzer. The game went back and forth like a dog fight against the two teams when the Hatchets led by 2 at half time. The Eagles came out at halftime with a new plan to shut down the Hatchets. The game started to go in the Eagles favor when they took the lead early after halftime and managed to keep it throughout the game. With a long hard battle for the eagle the men come out on top with a victory over their rivals the hatchets.

The Eagles got a third place finish in the NTC that they were very proud of. They beat two very good teams and loss to one state ranked team that will go very far in the season. That same team, St. Anthony,  went on to win the championship of the NTC tournament.

By Klayton Kroll

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