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Will You Read?

posted Oct 16, 2013, 7:32 AM by School Publications
“ A person who won’t read has no advantage over a person who can’t read”-Mark Twain.  

Everyone knows that you have to read in order to pass your English classes. Students are expected to earn twenty-one Accelerated Reader points every quarter. When you pick up a book, even if it is fiction, you learn not only about new words, but new people, places and cultures.  You learn about life experiences.  Teachers see an improvement across the curriculum in students that read compared to those who don’t. The number of illiterate people in the United States should have been dwindling but instead they are rising. Schools are trying to lower that number by requiring students to read more and read often.

Teachers strive to make reading fun as well. At BHS there is an annual contest as to who can earn the most AR points by the end of the year. Two winners, one from the high school and one from the junior high, will receive a fifty dollar visa card that will be provided from The First National Bank of Brownstown. Students could also win a free extended lunch by following some guidelines. Junior high students have to read four Rebecca Caudill books from the school library and high school students must read four of the Read for a Lifetime or Abraham Lincoln books. If students complete these requirements the school will take them to eat Joe’s Pizza or McDonald’s for their hard work. Reading can be a large contributor in widening vocabulary skills and sharpening minds, but it can also be fun. For those who are college bound, you should pick up a book and ready yourself for the years to come.

By Chloe Lansford