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Where are They Now?

posted Feb 3, 2016, 7:39 AM by School Publications   [ updated Feb 4, 2016, 7:22 AM ]

           As you walk down the hallways of Brownstown High School, and see pictures of those who have graduated, you wonder, what are they doing with their lives now?  I decided to pick one of BHS’ graduates and see what they have done after graduation. I chose Brent Oberlink, from the class of 2001.

Brent grew up on his family farm with parents Gary and Sharon Oberlink and siblings Crystal and Brian.  He talked about how his parents raised their family and the positive influence they were. “ Both my mom and dad have tremendous work ethics and always pushed me to do the best I could whether it be in school or work. Those lessons are taught at a young age and I thank my parents for instilling that work ethic, that sense of pride, and pushing me to do more.”

After graduating from Brownstown High School he went to Greenville College to further his education.  He got his bachelors in business management.  During college he was a intern at a financial services company.  He noticed that he wasn't passionate about what he was doing.  He decided that he was going to go work for an industrial grounds care company out of St. Louis.  When he started working for them he realized that it was very interesting to him but he thought he could make changes and improve upon the existing model.  This is how Lanracorp was born.  

Lanracorp is a pipeline and utility services company specializing in vegetation management. They use heavy machinery to maintain their customer's property and assets. This can involve tree trimming, brush removal, to the spraying of herbicides and much more. He also owns Dapper Gents Grooming Lounge which is an upscale barbershop located in downtown St. Louis. It's a unique, throwback shop that pays homage to the barbershops of the early 1900s. Services include straight shaves, specialized haircuts, and they even have a clothing store located inside as well.  

Mr. Brent Oberlink has some wisdom to impart to all BHS students.  He says, “students should push themselves personally every day. Push for the A+, don't be satisfied with status quo. But don't stop there, push yourself at the gym, push yourself to eat healthy. A person that is truly successful in life needs to find success not only at work but also in their personal, family, and spiritual life as well. Don't rush into a passion, but when you find one don't be afraid to go for it. Go to college and at least get a bachelor's degree and if able a master’s degree. These will help excel you forward once you decide to put that passion into a career. If you are passionate, willing to work hard, and not afraid to try you will succeed at your goals. There will be setbacks, but with every setback you will learn from it and move forward stronger and better than before.”

by Brock Oberlink