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Where are They Now?

posted Jan 31, 2014, 7:23 AM by School Publications

As a part of the “Where are They Now?” series I am writing about Bill Behrends, a graduate of the 1950 Brownstown High School class.  During high school he loved helping his dad and family members on the farm.  During his senior year he finally decided that he wanted to be a part of the United States National Guard so he would be able to look out for his country. Private Bill Behrends never actually saw combat, but served part time for his country while staying here in the USA.  

Even while staying right here at home Bill Behrends served his country well.  My grandfather went around the country to areas of devastating disasters or areas in need of border security as a part of his service.  A story my grandfather used to tell my grandma was about a wild fire that took out multiple farms and forests.  My grandpa said it was the hardest thing he has had to go through because of all the kids he saw who no longer had anything.  He remembers most seeing all the families trying to stay strong for the kids was tough because, you could tell that they were all hurting.  At the end of it all my grandpa said it was one of the best times in his life because it made him a stronger person and a better father.

After ten years of serving our country my grandfather retired from the National Guard and kept his farm that was passed down to him by his father.  Bill was a great worker and dedicated his life to his family and the United States.  I wrote this brief article in memory of my grandpa who passed away in September of 1999.

by Jacob Behrends