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Where Are They Now?

posted Oct 2, 2013, 1:07 PM by School Publications

Hundreds of students have crossed the stage at Brownstown High School to receive their diploma and a handshake; it's the moment they work for their entire school career. But what happens after the graduation caps hit the floor and the parties draw to an end? Each individual sets out on his or her own path for life. Some students take the college route, some join the workforce, while others enlist to protect our country. So where are they now?

Scott Frailey went to BHS for all twelve years of schooling. He has no specific favorite memory, but he enjoyed spending time with friends and teachers. Looking back now, Frailey points out how much classes like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry helped prepare him for life. "At work and home," he says, "I use these more than any other math I took in college." He also notes how interactions with teachers that seemed like "goofing off" at the time actually helped to develop his communication skills.

After graduating in 1981, Scott followed his plans and enrolled at Lakeland Community College and obtained his associates degree in pre-engineering. Then, he earned his bachelors, masters, and eventually his PhD in Petroleum Engineering. These degrees lead Frailey to multiple occupations. The first was a position as a Reservoir Engineer with British Petroleum in Anchorage, Alaska. Then later, he found himself as an associate professor at Texas Tech University. Now, Frailey lives with his wife and daughter, his highest priorities, and works as the Senior Reservoir Engineer with the Illinois Geological Survey at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Despite his long list of noteworthy accomplishments, Scott considers none of these as “great.” In fact, his greatest achievement is his perspective on life, that true happiness comes from within. “No one can make someone happy,” he says, “No event can make someone happy. It is the perspective of embracing what you have and not continuously focusing on what you don’t have.” Frailey offers a piece of advice for the students at BHS: “Set life goals. Every day ask yourself what you can do to help you meet your goals. Don’t be afraid to try something new; be afraid not to try something new.”

by Katie Carson