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Whale of a Time

posted Apr 23, 2014, 7:25 AM by School Publications   [ updated Apr 23, 2014, 7:26 AM ]
        On Friday April 11th, the Brownstown High School gymnasium turned into an underwater  adventure.  If you would have walked in you would have seen a giant 85 feet long, 20 feet tall blue whale named Selena, and her baby named Grover.  A group of students from Jackson State Community College called the Science Ambassadors brought the whale to educate our youth.  They set up stations where you could learn cool facts about the whale, such as what blubber is and what it’s for, how and what  the whale eats, and just exactly what a whale looks like from the inside.  The Science Ambassadors is a travelling program and an accredited class, where students choose projects, study the topic extensively,  and take the project out to public and private schools.

Science professor Dr. Karen Carey started the program and she believes it is a great way to teach leadership and responsibility.  She has seen many of her college students transform from that shy, quiet student to one who is outgoing with the Science Ambassadors program.  Not everyone in the program wants to be a scientist though, many of the ambassadors have pre-med or pre-dental majors.  The Science Ambassadors program is a fun way to earn a few credits, but it takes hard work.  They must independently learn the information and have enough knowledge to teach groups of younger students.  We hope to see the Science Ambassadors in the future. 


By Michaela Walk

Whale Exibit