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Welcome to Brownstown, Mrs. Seidel!

posted Sep 7, 2018, 8:37 AM by Mike Shackelford
Mrs. Seidel felt  really excited about starting at Brownstown, because this year was going to be her first teaching job. She was thrilled about teaching in a small school district and especially to be teaching art “her calling and favorite.” She enjoys doing anything art related, she loves camping, actually doing anything outside, she is a real outdoors person.  

Mrs. Seidel feels Brownstown is a good fit her starting off, with very good teachers and students to work with. Mrs. Seidel was born and raised in Altamont. She revealed that she had went to (SIUE) Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and graduated from Edwardsville.

Fun fact, in her junior high and high school years at Altamont, Mrs. Seidel participated in the Pole Vault on the track team.