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Voice of Democracy Radio Recordings

posted Nov 3, 2015, 7:29 AM by School Publications
Voltaire once said "writing is the painting of the voice".  The Voice of Democracy subject, My Vision for America, goes hand in hand with this quote.  The writer paints a picture of the United States by arguing for their vision for America.  Brownstown High School English teacher, Travis Redden, encouraged each and every student at BHS to enter the contest.  Even though many students wrote about their vision for America, only a small amount went past the writing and recorded their essays to enter the national contest.

    Weeks ago students Zeke Philpot, Kyrstyn Fitch, Addison Cage, Kaylee Sefton, Jacob Bloemker, Colton Payne, Lane Chandler, Seth Powell and Chloe Carson took a trip to the Vandalia Radio Station, hosted by Erica Foltz, to record their essays.  While most of the participants were nervous upon arrival, they were able to relax after the recordings began.  "The radio station had a welcoming and calm presence" stated Kyrstyn Fitch. The students would like to thank Erica Foltz for her great work of guiding students with the recordings. 

    When everyone finished recording, the students piled into the suburban and headed back to Brownstown High School.  Each student felt proud on how well they performed during the recording process, even though a few may have stumbled on a word here and there their first time.  The students are pleased with how their essays turned out and how well each of their competitors did as well on the final draft.  "Students this year were very competitive and prepared thoughtful and creative essays that I believe could make it to nationals" proclaimed Mrs. Hardiek, the high school guidance counselor.  Good luck to everyone who participated in the contest.

by Seth Powell