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Voice of Democracy 2014

posted Sep 29, 2014, 12:21 PM by School Publications

Freshman through seniors at Brownstown High School have the opportunity to write an essay for the scholarship “Voice of Democracy”. The scholarship is for the VFW and the topic this year is “Why Veterans are Important to our Nation’s History and Future.” Students have the chance to compete at the local, regional, and state level and from there they can even go onto the national level to compete for a cash scholarship of $30,000.

Students entering the competition have certain guidelines to follow. The essay must be at least 3-5 minutes when recorded and must be on a standard cassette tape or audio CD. The deadline is midnight November 1st, 2014.  Junior and seniors are required to write the essay for their English classes, while underclassmen have the option to participate as well for extra credit. This looks great on resumes and is an excellent opportunity to fine-tune your writing skills for future applications and scholarships.

Last year’s winner from Brownstown High School was Michaela Walk and she went on to win at the local and regional levels. She then moved on to Springfield, Illinois as a final contestant. She is not the only familiar face from BHS that has had success with this essay competition.  Mr. Harms, the history teacher at BHS, was a three-time winner of the Voice of Democracy at Marissa High School many, many years ago. Who will win this year? 


by Tabitha Dolan