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2015 SEB JH Softball

posted Sep 8, 2015, 7:20 AM by School Publications   [ updated Sep 8, 2015, 7:25 AM ]

         The fast and strong St. Elmo/Brownstown girls Junior High Softball team is bound and determined to finish off the rest of this season with a bang. This group of girls are coached by Tom Fedrigon and assisted by Nancy Oberlink. This year is Coach Fedrigon's sixth year coaching softball at St. Elmo. He has coached softball at the junior high level for a total of twelve years, including summer and traveling leagues. His all time favorite coaching memory is watching the reactions of players when they finally understood what they had been taught and act it out, or in other words, the moments when the light bulb finally comes on. Coach Fedrigon says that the three moments he looks forward to the most this season are interacting with the athletes, teaching the softball skill set, and watching the players grow.

         Coach Tom Fedrigon has seen so much improvement since the first practice this summer. He says that the team’s softball IQ has raised exponentially and their general skills, as in throwing and catching, are much more consistent. The characteristics he has enjoyed about this group are that they are very accepting and encouraging to one another as well. The team came up with realistic goals for the season, including having fun, growing as players and as people, finishing the season above .500, and winning the IESA Regional tournament.

           This team, along with every team out there, has strengths and weaknesses. Coach Fedrigon proclaims that their strengths are being big and fast, and their weaknesses can include being unable to focus in times of discouragement or in a inning they can't escape. Tom Fedrigon believes that being an athlete teaches you more than just the game, but life lessons as well. He teaches his athletes that sports can parallel life, it can teach you how to work hard and be accountable to your teammates, it challenges us to work well with others, and most importantly how to handle success and failure. He believes that your attitude on the field can reflect the person you truly are. If you get back up and continue to work through tough times, then overall you are a great person because you can deal with failure as well. Then you can accept the faults you need to improve on to become a successful person. 

    The junior high softball team includes 7th graders: Madalynn Blankenship, Andi Chandler, Malanie Parkison, Josie Strauch, Reagan Walker, and Hailey Wright. The 8th graders include: Katelyn Fedrigon, Emma Gathe, Katelyn Maxey, Cassidy Moss, Natalie Oberlink, Cheyenne Ribble, Avyree Scholes, Vayda Smith, Cailtin Waldo, and Makenzie Walk. We would like to wish the junior high softball team the best of luck on the rest of this season and hope you girls come out on top.

Article by Kyrstyn Fitch

JH Softball 2015