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Think it Over

posted Feb 11, 2014, 7:16 AM by School Publications
    For Mrs. Wakefield’s anatomy class students were given the opportunity to participate in the “Think it Over” program for extra credit. Students still have the choice to take the girl Emily or the boy Adam home for a weekend, or they can take it three other random days throughout the second semester. To see high school peers carry around the mock baby in the hallways and into the classrooms is an eye opening experience into the life of someone with a baby.

Just like real life, these mechanical babies can burst out crying at the most unexpected times. The baby has two settings, "normal" and "cranky." In normal mode the baby does not cry as long and is set and is randomly scheduled to when it is supposed to cry. Cranky mode is where it will cry longer and more frequently. No one likes cranky mode. To make the infant stop crying one must stick a key in the back of the baby and turn it slightly. While keeping the key turned you hold the key in place until the baby starts crying again, then you may release it.

This activity is created to teach teens what it would be like to have a real baby. This shows young adults that a lot of responsibility comes with having a little one. The difference between real babies and the “think it over” program babies is you have to figure out what the baby is wanting and really problem solve instead of just placing a key in its back.  Nonetheless, this teaches students that one has to get up often and even throughout the night to care for one’s child. No matter whether you are taking care of a real or fake baby it still comes with a lot of responsibility.

The following students have participated thus far: Kristen Barnick, Alyssa Cole, Lakin Evans, Mackenzie McClintock, Allyssa Philpot, Jill Schilling, Lauren Shelton. This opportunity is still available for anatomy students who wish to obtain extra credit in anatomy.   

by Mackenzie McClintock