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Think fast!

posted Nov 21, 2013, 7:56 AM by School Publications

Scholar bowl is a challenging and fun activity that involves strategy and gamesmanship while answering some really difficult questions.  Varsity members includes seniors Jill Shilling and Mary Shilling while JV includes freshmen William Burney, Kayla Haslett, and Lane Chandler; sophomores being Addie Cage and Jenna Long.  BSE Scholar Bowl Coach Adam Hall enjoys interacting with his players and watching them grow as people.  He started playing scholar bowl after the team was originally formed following his 7th-grade year.  Coach Hall says, "I am excited to work with quality young people and I have a better opportunity to do that because of the sports co-op.  It is nice to have more of a team mindset than a self-interested one."

    "The Brownstown players we have are dedicated and attend every meet.  Lane and Jenna are strong players and helpful with their teammates as well.  Our two seniors have a lot of experience to share with the team and are glad to do so."  During practices, the players study new material and work on the format of upcoming matches.  Speed and accuracy are both important and they are trying to improve at both.  Coach Hall thinks the spring season will be interesting because JV players are gaining good experience that will help them even in another month or two.  Hall would like to sweep the season series with Altamont.  "We are halfway there."

    Coach Hall expects the varsity team to tip the scales after going 6-6 at this point in the season, and ending up over .500 despite only having two players.  The JV are gathering momentum and he expects them to raise some eyebrows of teams they have lost to in the fall when they play them again in the spring.  "I think many people have the wrong idea about scholar bowl when they picture it in their minds.  A lot of teens who could be good players sell themselves short and don't come out for the team.  It's fun!"

Addison Cage

            Varsity                                   Junior Varsity

Jill Shilling        Senior            Addie Cage        Sophomore

Mary Shilling    Senior            Jenna Long        Sophomore

                                              Lane Chandler   Freshman

                                              Kayla Haslett      Freshman

                                              William Burney   Freshman