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The Year of the Upset

posted Apr 16, 2014, 7:11 AM by School Publications


       Hopefully none of you basketball fans picked any of the top seeds to go all the way!  If you did well I feel sorry for you because this is the year for the upsets. One major upset was in the Duke versus Mercer matchup, where in the second half Mercer pulled away for the win over the three seed.  That was a major upset that no one could believe.  There were other major upsets like Dayton going into the third round of the tournament and no one at BHS had them getting out of the first round in the PBIS bracket.  Also, no one in the country had a perfect bracket, so no lucky winner won Warren Buffett's one billion dollars.  

I bet a very few people had Dayton, Stanford, Tennessee, Kentucky, or Baylor in the sweet sixteen, but yet all those teams shocked us.  So all you basketball fans better believe that 2014 was the year for the upset.  I’m guessing most of you had last year’s two finalists playing against each other in the elite eight but something went wrong when Kentucky became unstoppable (until the championship game of course).  What about Dayton? No one has heard of that team since Stephen Curry went to school there, but this year they go on to the elite eight and destroyed everyone’s brackets.  Most people had Ohio St., Kansas, or even Syracuse going to the elite eight, but not Dayton.

The final four was pretty weird this year, not because there was a one or two seed their, but a seven and eight seed had made it.   Did any of you who filled out a bracket think Kentucky would get passed the second round from the way they played this season, because I know I didn't think they go that far.  What about UConn? I I had them losing to Iowa St. in the sweet sixteen, but they go on to win the National Championship, as a seven seed.  No one had them beating Florida and no one for sure had Kentucky going that far(at least they should have lost to their arch rival Louisville).  I guess this year was meant to be for a lower seed to come up and win The Title.  Not only did a seven seed win but this was also the first year a seven seed played an eighth seed in the championship.  UConn was the big winner, and the second time in a decade that both the same boys and girls college won a National Championship in the same year.  

by Jacob Behrends