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Teacher Spotlight with Mr. Sasse

posted Mar 8, 2016, 7:30 AM by School Publications   [ updated Mar 8, 2016, 7:31 AM ]

      Twenty one years ago we acquired our hilarious, witty, and caring science, history and driver's education teacher Mr. Randy Sasse. We would like to take this time to acknowledge him for all the great accomplishments he has made here at Brownstown Jr./Sr. High School thus far.

      After graduating from Vandalia High School Mr. Sasse held a few jobs in his hometown.  He worked at IGA, Kroger, and also for the post office.  Later, he left for the United States Army and was a member for a year and a half until an injury sent him home. For that service we would like to thank him.  After he was medically discharged, he came back to Vandalia to work in construction. The hard work and harsh weather conditions, and his knee from a previous injury during his time in the Army, told him it was time for change. Another profession was calling.

          Randy Sasse was inspired by his Vandalia High School Biology teacher, Mr. Ed Mills, who taught him how to learn without realizing he was actually acquiring knowledge.  Sasse said he will accomplish his dreams when he becomes half the teacher that his biology teacher was.  If you ask us, we would say Mr. Sasse has already accomplished his dream.            

Mr. Randy Sasse attended Kaskaskia college part time while still working in the construction business.  He later enrolled in school full time while he worked on the days he did not have class.  He then transferred to SIU-E to obtain his bachelor's degree in education and a few years later he attended Eastern Illinois University where he received his Administrative Degree.

        Mr. Sasse has always been a part of the Vandalia community.  The Sasse family grew up in rural Vandalia, Illinois close to Gatch Lake near the Augsburg area.  Mr. Sasse married Melissa who is currently employed at BJC Hospital as a home nurse. They have a bright and beautiful family consisting of three children. Their oldest son Christian is currently enrolled at Kaskaskia College pursuing his certificate to become a physical therapy assistant.  Alexandria, their middle child and only daughter is attending Maryville University to achieve her dream of becoming a physical therapist.  Noah, the youngest, is currently a seventh grader at Vandalia Jr. High.

         Mr. Sasse's favorite class to teach is driver's education. He said it is more enjoyable to teach a class where everyone is excited to be there and we all know every kid is excited to get their license. Sasse said at first he was in fear of what would happen while students were driving, but as time went on the situation has become less stressful every time.  He now looks forward to heading to the Chevrolet Uplander for driving lessons.  However, not all has gone smoothly.  Heart rates raised between turning into one way traffic and going the wrong way on a major highway, jumping a curb and landing on the sidewalk while Mr. Sasse slammed on the brakes to stop the car about six inches away from crashing into a glass store front.  Mr. Sasse was also fearful when a student almost hit a small dog.  He was scared of having to tell the owner his driver squashed their dog, but they missed the dog by mere millimeters.  However, through all these life scares Mr. Sasse said it was a fun time had by all.

        As students graduate, teachers have many different emotions.  Mr. Sasse said it is a very emotional time when you have taught students since their seventh grade year and it is now time for them to graduate.  However, he is happy to see students leave because he knows that they will be successful in the fields of study they are ready to embark upon. Sasse is very proud of Brownstown students and their accomplishments, and this is why he has been teaching here for twenty-one years.  We thank you Mr. Sasse, and wish you the best in your career and life.

By Hannah Koehler