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Teacher Spotlight- Ms. Dokey

posted Jan 26, 2017, 7:38 AM by School Publications
            Twenty-three years ago the Brownstown Elementary School hired Ms. Kristy Dokey. She grew up in the small town of Catlin, Illinois which is about two hours north of Brownstown. She received her bachelor’s degree at Eastern Illinois University and her master’s degree at Greenville College. All together she has been teaching for twenty-seven years! She is the third of four girls in her family. She is a mother of two kids, Macey who just turned twenty-two and Drake who is twenty years old. She thinks of teaching as a hobby because she is so devoted to her students and loves her job. She loves to watch movies, go shopping, watch NFL football, take naps and spend time with her family.

Ms. Dokey loves teaching because it’s so rewarding to watch her little students grow as learners. It brings her happiness when she sees students talking to one another about lessons or ideas that she has taught them, or when they work so hard to accomplish a difficult task.The look on their faces shows how proud they are. She can’t imagine doing anything else! Her father taught PE and history and her sister teaches elementary students. Family members who teach for a profession, as well as her love for children, inspired her to become a teacher. Her biggest supporters would be her family, teaching colleagues, and her students.

Ms. Dokey said, “I think there is a misconception about teaching; that teachers have it easy because we have our summers off. I would strongly disagree! I prepare for the upcoming year every summer by reading professional books, tweaking units that I teach, making games or creating interactive activities for my students to use on the smartboard, and going to workshops. Teaching is not an easy job, but it is very fulfilling and a lot of fun.”  The Brownstown Community School District would like to thank Ms. Dokey for all her hard work and dedication!

Taylor Rine