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Student Elections

posted Oct 12, 2016, 9:22 AM by School Publications   [ updated Oct 14, 2016, 7:34 AM ]


            Student elections are held every year at Brownstown High School for Student Council, PBIS, and class officers.  Election candidates are required to compose a letter stating why they are interested in the extracurricular for which they are applying.  Some of the students are running to build character and gain leadership, while some are wishing to put their activities on job and college applications.

Student Council is an opportunity for students to represent their classmates and their school.  Members serve in organizing homecoming with the help of their sponsors Mrs. Gail Hardiek and Mr. Randy Sasse.  Student Council raises money by selling candy bars, t shirts, and working concession stands. The student council members for the 2016-2017 school year are Courtney Zasada, Elissa Baron, Kayla Haslett, Taylor Rine, Brooke Mayfield, Sierra Orechovesky, Lane Himes, Macy Cripe, Kailey Rush, Elizabeth Austin, Natalie Oberlink, and MacKenzie Walk.

Another committee at BHS is PBIS which stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. PBIS uses enjoyable activities as an incentive to promote excellent behavior in schools. The program is directed by Ms. Tracey Alstat and a team of teacher advisors.   The students on the PBIS committee are Kyli Kitchen, Chloe Carson, Caitlyn Mason, Kailey Rush, Taylor Smith, Cassi Payne, Lane Himes, Kayla Haslett, Keely Duran, Sierra Stephens, Ryan Pontious, and Anthony Streeter.

Last but not least, class officers are a way for each grade level in Brownstown High School to represent their peers.  These students are involved in fundraising for and setting up prom.  The freshman class has Mrs. Michelle Seabaugh as their sponsor with Mackenzie Walk, Brittany Wuehler ,and Joel Bloemker as their class officers.  The sophomores have Mrs. Rita Wakefield as their sponsor with their class officers Kailey Rush, Lane Himes, and Chloe Haslett.  The junior class has Miss Tracey Alstat as a sponsor and the class officers she assists are Sierra Orechovesky, Caitlyn Mason, Sierra Stephens, and Taylor Rine.  Seniors are led by Mr. Toby Harmes and the officers include Jacob Bloemker, Dawson Rhodes, Joshua Rolfingsmeier, and Colton Payne. These student electees put much outside the scenes work into raising money and improving our school.   The students who participate in these elections are building up BHS and its foundation.  We appreciate all the hard work involved in these students and faculty.

by Delaney Schulze