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St. Elmo/ Brownstown FFA

posted Oct 15, 2014, 12:24 PM by School Publications
            At St. Elmo High School there are over ninety students who participate in the Agriculture classes taught by Mr. Douglas Thurnau and sixty-six of them are official FFA members. From a small school in Troy, IL he traveled to the College of Education and College of Agriculture at the University of Illinois. Now he has been teaching Agriculture for the last thirteen years.  He likes teaching Agriculture because "I have helped more kids get scholarships and jobs than I can count."

Many people don't know what Agriculture is. Of those people most  think it's just to do with farming. Mr. Thurnau says otherwise. He says, "What is not Ag? Ag is everywhere and in everything you do. From eating, driving your car, construction, water sports, hunting, welding, biotechnology, fashion industry, and more things than a person can say. So when people say eww Ag. I roll my eyes because it makes them look and sound very unbright."

Mr. Thurnau expects the world from his students. He says, "I want every student to surpass their dreams and goals. Therefore I need to help them everyday." While in the Agriculture class you only have    three simple tasks. The first task is to keep a record book of something you already do. The second task is to go to any of the FFA events that fit into your schedule( three to five per semester or all of them if you want.). The third and final task is to come to class prepared and ready to learn. "Don't treat my class like it's an easy A, because it will surprise you." " Whether Agriculture or FFA, there is no other program, group, or event that can make such a difference in a student’s life. For those that don't believe, you will see!"  

By Caitlyn Reeter