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Sports Boosters

posted Nov 3, 2016, 7:23 AM by School Publications

Sports Boosters

This year the Brownstown / St. Elmo Sports Boosters are doing it again. They are raising money for sports teams with several fundraisers. Some of those include the fish fry, the winery tour and the gun raffle, just to name a few.  The committee is dedicated to what they do and work hard for all the sports teams to have new uniforms and other equipment. Without them it would be impossible because every athlete would be required to pay for their own clothing.

The Sports Booster committee consists of Katriena Kroll, Amy Pruett, Jacy Schaub, and Cheri Meyer. Each sport is on a four year rotation for the purchase of new uniforms. In the 2015/2016 school year alone the Sports Boosters provided 10,700 dollars for new uniforms. If these donations weren't there, it would be likely that the school would have to charge a higher athletic fee in order to cover these expenses for each athlete.

Even though the uniforms are the main purpose of the Sports Boosters they do much more. Without this money, each sport would have to buy some of the equipment that is necessary. Some of the items purchased this year by the Sports Booster were the new mats for cheerleaders, a pop-up canopy for the track team, new bats and balls for the baseball and softball teams, and new uniforms for the boys basketball team. This year each team was able to spend 200 dollars on equipment and other needs for their sport.  

Without the Sports Boosters it would be much more expensive and stressful for our students to play sports. The Brownstown/St. Elmo schools would like to thank these four ladies for all their hard work and dedication in helping our sports teams. Without them we would not have the equipment, uniforms, and morale that make Brownstown and St. Elmo sports possible.

By Klayton Kroll