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SNAP-Ed Program

posted Feb 24, 2015, 12:10 PM by School Publications   [ updated Feb 24, 2015, 12:12 PM ]
        Brownstown Elementary has a new installment in their curriculum with the help of Jo Stine. On the first Wednesday of each month Jo Stine speaks to the preschool, and k-2nd grades about the SNAP-Ed program.  SNAP-Ed is a federal nutrition program which helps schools with low-incomes to make healthy food choices and participate in an active lifestyle.  
        One of the topics is "It’s Fun to be Healthy", a curriculum for preschool covering healthy food and gardening.  They also learn about about heart to start, which deals with dental health, exercise, healthy food choices, and breakfast.  "The organ wise guys" is presented to grades kindergarten through second grade.  "The organ wise guys" are characters based on different organs of the body.  First grade students meet fun people like Hardy Heart, Calci M. Bone, and Windy the Lungs.  Hardy Heart focuses on heart health and breakfast. Calci M. Bone deals with bone health and dental health while informing students about proper hygiene in those areas.  Last, but not least, Windy the Lungs talks about lung health, and how healthy chocies like not smoking can keep the lungs strong.  The second grade students are taught about Sir Rebrum, Madame Muscle, the Kidney Brothers, and Peri Stolic.  Other topics covered with second graders include clean hands, food safety, meal time, physical activity, high fiber foods, and water. 
        Students are excited when it is time for these fun learning sessions. They really help teach the importance of eating healthy and taking care of the body. The students enjoy learning about healthy habits and good hygiene with this amazing program.

by Chelsey Lange