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Senior Spotlight: Samantha Long

posted Apr 15, 2018, 12:49 PM by School Publications

Sami Long is a senior at Brownstown Jr./Sr. High school. The daughter of Amanda Long and Danny Cade. Her mom, Amanda lived in Virginia when she was younger. Amanda then, found her way to the fabulous Fayette County to a little town known as Brownstown. Her dad, Danny is from a little town also known as Ramsey. For a living her mom is a LPN, and her dad is a Foreman at Petco. Sami works at the Lutheran Care Center in Altamont. Her future plans consist of “having fun and to also receive a college degree. She plans on attending Kaskaskia in Vandalia for her schooling. In an interview, the question asked was “How are you going to achieve going to college.” Her response was “I’m going to bust my butt and get it done right, the first time.” Sami has always been the outgoing person in her class. She’s the type of person to speak her mind and not hold anything back. Which is good, but can be bad at times. Usually, when you read articles you notice they usually have an inspiration. Sami says “I never really had an inspiration through the years, I learned from myself, with the mistakes and problems I’ve had to deal with. 

When you read a fairy tale story, the end of the story is a prince and princess getting married. They often have children. Sami’s a little bit different. Yes she wants to get married but she has to find the right guy. Sami at the moment has said no to having kids. Sami doesn’t have a favorite part about High School, she says she's so ready to get out of here. If you've been going to school since you were in Kindergarten, after a while you’re ready to graduate and move on with your life. Sami, people will miss you when you graduate. You’ve made many people smile, and we’ve shared lots of laughs. Thanks for being real and for being who you are. Don’t change anything about yourself! Good Luck in college.

By: Carly Feltner