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Senior Spotlight: Dakota White

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:25 AM by School Publications

    The senior spotlight is on Dakota White. Dakota is a High School student from Brownstown High School. Dakota’s hobbies include milking cows, and bailing hay. Dakota has lived in Brownstown since he was born. He says his favorite teacher is Mr. Rohr. He shows up to school around 8 a.m every morning. He said his senior year has only been half as bad because he's only here for half of the day. Dakota is excited to be leaving High School.

      Dakota is planning on furthering his career at Lakeland College. His future plans involve owning a 200 cow beef farm, and being a civil engineer. He decided to go with this career this year. Dakota’s family members include his mom Shelly, his dad Kevin, and little brother Colter White. His biggest influence is his dad. In ten years Dakota sees himself married and living on a farm.

By Macy Cripe