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Senior Spotlight: Caitlyn Mason

posted Apr 27, 2018, 8:05 AM by School Publications

Caitlyn’s parents Clint Mason and Renee DeMain first laid eyes on her on November 9, 1999. She has grown up and has went to Brownstown school for her entire life. Even as a adult she plans on staying around here. In 10 years she plans on staying in Brownstown and going into the medical field. What Caitlyn is going to miss the most when she graduates is not being a child anymore. Graduating means the end of her childhood and she is going to miss being young. One of the best memories she has is when her boyfriend got her a puppy. When she came home for work the puppy was sitting there with a rose. That was the best gift she has ever gotten.

After high school she will be attending Lakeland College to take steps to become a Physical Therapist. She achieved this by enrolling into Lakeland College and applying to a Physical Therapy assistant program. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Steel her health occupation teacher. She always shows Caitlyn all of the career options she has in the medical field and always encourages her to do her best. Her biggest inspiration is her grandmother, that has supported her through everything.

By Elizabeth Johnson