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Science Cadaver Trip

posted Apr 29, 2014, 7:27 AM by School Publications
“Do you guys wanna see a dead body?”  Unlike the boys in the classic movie Stand By Me, the body Brownstown High School science students witnessed is used for medical research and education.  In fact there were three bodies, or cadavers, and the professor could tell you a lot about each one. He told us about dissecting them, how the students use them, and he could also tell what kind of medical problems each one had. Students discovered that the skin is very heavy, everything looks brown, and cadavers smell awful!  In fact Lakeland built a room just last year that would ventilate the smell of the chemicals used to preserve the bodies for as long as possible.  When we visited Lakeland Community College two of the cadavers were old and ready to be sent back to where the came from, and one body had only been there a couple months.  They keep the bodies for three to four years and then send them back to the company that disperses them.  Once the bodies are back to the company, the company sends them back to their families so they can have a proper burial.  We were lucky because we got to see the complete difference between a three year old cadaver and new one.
        Not only did we experience medical cadavers on this field trip, we got to meet some student ambassadors. These ambassadors took us on a tour of Lakeland campus.  They showed us each building and answered questions we had about college life, financing, and classes.  They also took us to the nursing room, where people trained to be different types of nurses.  This nursing room holds many mannequins that the professors can control to have multiple symptoms. The students then are taught how to care for these different symptoms.  They even had a mannequin that gives birth!  The BHS science students would like to thank Mrs. Wakefield for this amazing experience!
By Michaela Walk