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posted Feb 2, 2017, 7:39 AM by School Publications


Have you ever wondered who updates our school web page?  Every year, that job is given to our school publications class.  This course, taught by BHS English teacher Mr. Redden, focuses on writing and technology.  

In school publications, students will learn the skills needed to be successful when working with computers or communicating in any workplace setting.  Each quarter students have a list of assignments that must be completed. Not only do students write articles about the school and community, but they also update and manage the district website as well.  Students update calendars, schedules, and rosters; they peer review other work for grades, post photo albums of all school related events, and direct fundraisers for PBIS.   Students sell crush sodas on Valentine’s day and brackets for March Madness in order to raise money for PBIS. By the end of the year, students are able to manage the page on their own. Student’s final exam project for semester one was to create a website for their own hypothetical or real family business.

Mr. Redden incorporates reading and literature into the curriculum as well.  Right now students are reading Hamlet by Shakespeare for three days a week and the other two days they are writing and publishing for the district site.  Another upcoming assignment is reading the book Dear Mr. President, a compilation of letters written to U.S Presidents over the last two hundred years.  In addition to the reading, students will also be writing a letter to the President of the United States and submitting their reflections on the White House website.

This is a great class for all the variety is has to offer. It teaches students skills that are necessary for good writing, students learn how to operate many features in the Google apps programs,  they tweet out daily announcements, and create their own personal website.  This class is highly recommended by students and teachers.  If you're interested in what students are writing about you can check out the web page that is updated daily at

By Caitlyn Mason and Sami Long