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School Board Member Kent Kistler

posted Nov 16, 2015, 7:23 AM by School Publications


      In 1989 Kent Kistler joined our school board.  Mr. Kistler was inspired to volunteer for the school board when he moved his family north of town and the school refused to pick up his children. During his first term he served as the board president until the end of 2005.  However, he didn't stop there.  In 2010, Mr. Solver had asked Kent to run for a seat on the board once again and he is now serving as vice president.

      Kent Kistler was born and raised in Vandalia, Illinois where he attended Vandalia High School and graduated in 1973. He later attended Lakeland College and graduated from there in 1975.

      After graduating from Lakeland, Mr. Kistler sought out a profession as a computer technician.  He worked for World Color Press for twenty six and a half years as a computer programmer and operator.  He currently works for Vandalia High School as a computer technician and student aide.  Kent has been employed with Vandalia High School for eight years.  

      Kent married Melody Kistler, and they have four children who are all graduates of Brownstown High School.  Keri Buscher is one of their children and she is employed here at Brownstown Elementary as a title one teacher.  Their other three children include Kurt Kistler, Sue Holliday, and Sara Cortelloni.

      Kent also has many accomplishments as an IASB (Illinois Association of School Boards) member, specifically as Director for the Kaskaskia Division, Kaskaskia Division Chair, Kaskaskia Division Vice-Chair, and presently still sits for the Kaskaskia Division Chair.  Mr. Kistler has continued his education by attending many IASB workshops and currently holds a Master Board Member status through the IASB.   The Brownstown Community would like to thank Kent Kistler for all his time and hard work on our community school board throughout the years.

By Hannah Koehler and Harley Brandt