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Reading Programs at BCUSD

posted Dec 9, 2016, 7:27 AM by School Publications   [ updated Dec 9, 2016, 7:30 AM ]
                BES students are reading the Monarch and Bluestem books once again this year.  The Monarch books are for first through third graders.  The program is called “Monarch” to represent the growth becoming a reader brings.  The Bluestem is for grades fourth through sixth. The Illinois School Library Media Association wanted to create an award for books that have a higher level than the Monarch books, but lower than Rebecca Caudill.   There are twenty books on each list which students can choose from.  With the younger grades, teachers at BES read many of the books out loud in class, while the higher grades are required to read more on their own.  If they read four books by February and pass the tests, then they will receive donuts and milk. The SCC provides BES with the money to purchase the supplies every year.

Mr. Redden has also created his own list for high school classes, called the Great Books reading list.  He collaborated with Mr. Harms and Mr. Sasse to include a history section.  There is a list of books for each grade, but students are allowed to pick and choose. The list has more classics, as well as modern titles that may be more challenging for students.  If you read three books and receive a ninety percent on the Accelerated Reader test then you will be recognized at the end of the year awards ceremony.  Mr. Redden is adding free pizza at lunch!

It is great to see kids enjoy reading. These reading programs give kids an educational goal to work towards.  Our schools are starting their students at a young age to peak their interest of reading.  Being able to see the kids really get into reading is an amazing site to see.

By Caitlyn Mason