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Print Less, Recycle More, Love iPads

posted Aug 28, 2013, 1:12 PM by School Publications

     Did you know, this year at Brownstown Jr./Sr. High School there have been many positive changes in the financial department?  Some of these measures included the retirement of the well known Bob Newcomb. Once Bob decided to no longer drive routes for the school, Mr. Bussard and Mr. Shackelford saw an opportunity to save dollars by consolidating routes.

    Change comes slowly, but finally we have consolidated all sports between Brownstown and St. Elmo. The opportunity to combine our sports was a move that neither town could deny. Now we no longer pay as much money for transportation, supplies, and the payroll for bus drivers or coaches. The schools have been able to split the costs of funding and now each school only pays half of the costs for a given program. As an added benefit, we are now seeing talent from both schools working together on the playing field.

    The school took their financial quest even one step further and began cutting the use of paper. Last year BHS spent $1,849 on copy paper alone, which spiked the interest of our principal and superintendent. Since we have made major investments in technology,thanks to a previous tech grant, students are now able to complete assignments with an iPad and eradicate the need for paper. On the iPad there is a well used app called Google Drive, which helps students to create and share assignments with teachers and other students electronically. The school also saved $3,500 by eliminating agenda books that were mostly used for hall passes. Money that was saved went towards new common core math books for the entire school, which were greatly needed.

                Brownstown High School has put forth great effort to ensure a smooth transition for the new school year. BHS has                 consolidated bus routes, co-oped sports programs with St. Elmo, and invested highly in technology to save on paper.             There are many schools statewide that are struggling to stay afloat and they are all  doing their very best to keep a                     good environment for the children in their hallways.  BHS has made the move to save money, now it’s our turn as                     students to join them.  

by Chloe Lansford