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Perfect Spellers

posted Nov 20, 2013, 12:57 PM by School Publications

    Every week, the challenge begins for elementary students as the new list of spelling words comes out. Over the next few days, classes practice and study for the upcoming quiz. Then, on Friday, students test their new spelling skills. If the paper comes back completely correct every week for the entire quarter, the child earns the title "perfect speller."

    Perfect spellers are rewarded quarterly with a trip to McDonald's for lunch. Each child is provided with a free hamburger, fries, and a drink, then privileged with some recreational time in the play land. The twelve students who attended the first perfect spellers trip on November 6 are Ava Harre, Avree Strobel, Brody Mason, Taylor Claycomb, Abi Burney, Ethan Campbell, Lexi Seabaugh, Nathan Grull, Taylor Smith, Cassi Payne, Makenzie Walk, and Max Schraer. Now the records have been cleared, and every student has a chance to be a perfect speller next time!
by Katie Carson