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Pennies for Patients Finale

posted Feb 25, 2014, 7:34 AM by School Publications


This week will be a busy one, as we begin our pennies for patients wrap-up, so make this last week count!  Voting polls are open this week starting with the best baby smile, and the best baby hair and ending with the Mr. Legs competition.  There will be pictures and a table set up with change boxes for each candidate, and to vote you put change in the box that belongs to the smile, hair do, or leg you like the best. NHS members will be bringing in their baby pictures and displaying them, and whichever baby brings in the most change will receive an invitation to the party that will be held for the winning class.  Mr. Harms, Mr. Redden, Mr. Sasse, Mr. Rohr, Mr. Bussard, Mr. Shackelford and even Steve will be contestants in the Mr. Legs competition. The winner will get to participate in the party as well!  So vote for your favorites this week and help raise money!

    The leaderboards are out and Ms. McCown’s class is in a strong lead with $71.77. Mr. Redden's class takes second with $17 and he is slowly catching up to Ms. McCown’s class.  Mrs. Campbell's class comes in at third with $16.77 and they are still fighting for that second place spot.  The overall total is looking a little low, so let’s bring in all we can!  There will be multiple opportunities to bring in your money, so take advantage of it! Let's help our school raise $500! It's crunch time, so donate, donate, donate!  

by Michaela Walk