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PBIS Trip to the City Museum

posted May 4, 2016, 7:12 AM by School Publications
    Every year the Brownstown Jr./Sr. High School rewards students for good behavior by

having fun days three times per year.  This school year's celebrations included an outdoor obstacle course on the front lawn and a trip to the movies.  The third day is always the most exciting because we take a trip outside of the school and engage in an all day activity.  Previous journeys have been to minor league baseball games, the zoo, and Edison's Entertainment Complex.  This year, the school loaded up the buses and took off for the City Museum in St. Louis.

    The City Museum is a fun place for kids and adults of all ages.  The building is filled with various slides, caves, bridges, and tunnels to climb on.  While the PBIS fund pays for part of the journey, students were asked to pay six dollars for entrance as well as food they may have purchased.

Since the day is meant to treat students for good behavior, there was a requirement that

had to be met before attending the trip.  Participants could have zero office discipline referrals since the last reward day in February.  Those who did not meet the requirement stayed on campus and attended a study hall for the duration of the school day.  Many students arose to the challenge this year so ninety-five junior high and high schoolers and twelve staff members embarked on the journey to the City Museum on May second.

The all day trip began at 8:15 in the morning when students left the school.  After arriving

at the City Museum, the students disembarked and began to explore.  Many hours of fun later, the participants met back at the buses and returned to the school.  On the way, the buses made a stop in Troy and allowed students to eat at local fast food restaurants.  Thanks to the PBIS committee for allowing us to have a fun day outside of the school!

by Chloe Carson

City Museum PBIS Trip