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posted Sep 15, 2014, 12:28 PM by School Publications

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports), is in full effect at Brownstown High. The program focuses on a new expectation of behavior for students each month.  Every month students go to a designated teacher and they discuss topics such as respect, responsibility, leadership and other character building qualities. Students will get a lesson and activity to go along with each word. Teachers are encouraged to use personal experiences to help students in situations that may occur at school and home.

Students will be given “Bomber wings” for their good behavior.  Bomber wings can be traded for goods at the Bomber store.  The Bomber Store contains items such as candy, shirts, backpacks, writing utensils, and much more.  Bomber Wings are also used for drawings at the end of every other month, for activities like a pizza party, an ice cream social, or the opportunity to shoot around in the gym for an hour with your class.  

There will be three PBIS acknowledgement days throughout the year.  On the first acknowledgement day all students are invited to join in on the fun, on the second day students with one ODR (Office Discipline Referral) or less are invited to join, and on the third acknowledgement day only students without an ODR may join.  For PBIS days the school does activities such as taking the students to movies, baseball games, or the zoo, having carnivals outside, and other fun things such as a remake of the minute to win it game show.  

The PBIS staff have been creative on fundraising for PBIS days. Some of them include teachers and staff members paying $25 to wear jeans on Fridays while sporting a Bomber or Eagle shirt. Also, once a quarter they will do a hat day allowing the students to pay $1 to wear a hat for the full school day. Other fundraiser ideas include a family movie night hosted in the gym and where they will open up the concession stands. Please come and support PBIS activities when they arrive.

by Shayla Stokes