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PBIS 2.0: The Lego Movie

posted Feb 28, 2014, 7:29 AM by School Publications

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. BHS students are encouraged to show positive attitudes and behaviors in school, and when they do they are rewarded three times a year at a special event. Students are awarded in other ways, such as Bomber Wings and the PBIS store as well. For those of you who don't know, Bomber Wings are purple slips of paper autographed by a faculty member. These are only given out whenever a teacher feels that a student performed positively, whether it be for academics or attitudes.

PBIS days take place three days out of the school year, when teachers abandon their regular classes with the students and participate in fun activities. For the first PBIS day, all students are allowed to attend to get a taste of the action. But if you get a detention, or any other punishment for bad behavior, you miss out on the second and third PBIS days.

In the 2014 school year, BHS hosted a town ball tournament that every student and teacher participated in after lunch. On February 21st the jr. high and the high school went to see the Lego movie at the Greenville Globe in the afternoon. The day was filled with laughter, popcorn, and soda and many students enjoyed the film. So remember, stay out of trouble and you too can join the festivities and fun.

By Chloe Lansford