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Our Third Graders Are “Poppin’!”

posted Sep 30, 2013, 7:48 AM by School Publications

    Brownstown Elementary School’s third graders “popped” the minds of our School Board member's at the meeting held on September 25th.  The students presented an experiment they had tested in their classrooms called “Walking On Air”.  Third grade teachers, Leslie Lloyd and Suzanne Stinebring, are implementing the next generation science standards where students are very active in contributing to group projects and experiments and also use higher order of thinking.  The teachers asked students to figure out how they could walk on air given several objects: balloons, tape, and a table.  With multiple trials attempted, the students figured out that it wasn’t impossible.  Balloons were distributed evenly across the table top and fastened with tape. The table was flipped upside down.  Students could then walk on the upside down table without any of the balloons popping, essentially “walking on air”.  The students then explained to the board members how their experiment was a success.  The balloons evenly distributed the third grader’s weight, allowing them to walk on the table without any popping.  Many excited students, parents, and teachers attended the presentation and were extremely impressed by our BES third grade class and their teachers.  

by Addison Cage