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One Class, Two Credits

posted Oct 2, 2013, 7:41 AM by School Publications

   What are dual-credit classes? Many of our students may be asking themselves this question. Dual-credit classes are courses that one can take in high school and will receive both high school and college credit. If you are college bound it would be wise to get a head start on required coursework. Taking dual-credit classes will help you save money in the long run as well. The majority of the time you will only pay for your books, not for tuition if you are still a high school student.  Two teachers at BHS, Mrs. Seabaugh and Mrs. Wakefield, are currently instructing these classes in Strategies for Success and Biology II.   

    With taking either one of these classes one must have their priorities straight. With these classes comes having to keep a C average for the whole semester or one will be dropped from the Lakeland roster. One will still receive high school credit for the class but will lose college credit. There are currently 13 students enrolled in the Strategies for Success class, and 9 students enrolled in the Biology II class.

Taking Biology II as a dual-credit class in high school would be a wise choice to make. According to Mrs. Wakefield, every college major you will need at least one science credit. Whether you are taking the class in a high school classroom or a college setting, each teacher is required to follow the same grading scale, labs, and classroom activities. Strategies For Success is a transferable class for most colleges and universities and is typically required for incoming freshman.

      If you are interested find time to meet with Mrs. Hardiek for more information on these classes. Just for the record Mrs. Seabaugh states " I am the greatest business teacher in the world!”  So take her class to experience her greatness and receive credit for the beginning of your college career.  

by Mackenzie McClintock