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October’s Students of the Month

posted Dec 8, 2017, 5:42 AM by School Publications

School Publications has recently interviewed, Jarod Martin, High School’s student of the month for October.  Here's what we learned about Mr. Martin.  His mom is Jeanie Martin.  His favorite show is Rick and Morty.  Jarod's favorite food to eat is a nice, juicy, grade A steak.  His favorite music is Alternative Rock. Mr. Martin’s hobbies are music, skateboarding, and video games.  His biggest influence is 45, AKA Donald Trump.  Jarod's future goals are to be a meme God.

School Publications has also interviewed, Alexandra Goldesberry, Jr. Highs student of the month for October.  This is what we learned about her.  Her favorite book is Harry Potter.  Her idol is her family.  She lives in Brownstown in the country.  She has goods grades and is nice to everybody.  She has always wanted to do good in school and have academic success.  Alexandra has 5 siblings.  Her mom is Rachael Goldsborough,  her step dad is David Goldsborough, and her dad is Steve Goldesberry.  She will continue to keep her strong work ethic out of highschool.  When she graduates she wants to go straight into the Navy, and then be in National Guard and own a Dance Studio.  She is a very social person and will talk to everyone with kind words. She also enjoys participating in school events.

By Emmett Chandler