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New Nurse Jenna Townsend

posted Sep 12, 2016, 7:38 AM by School Publications
        Chances are if you have been sick or injured this year then you were able to meet our new school nurse Jenna Townsend. Mrs. Townsend is in her first year as school nurse; her last job was at St. Joseph's Hospital in Highland. When asked about what made her want to apply at Brownstown she said it was mostly helping the kids. She would also be closer to her daughter’s school as she begins kindergarten, and her brother, who is a senior at Brownstown. She is looking forward to meeting all of the kids and faculty.  

Jenna Townsend grew up in Vandalia but attended Brownstown from kindergarten through her senior year where she played volleyball and the flute in band. She graduated Kaskaskia College in 2015 before finding employment at St. Joseph’s hospital in Highland where she still works part time. In her free time she enjoys camping at Meramec Springs in St. James, Missouri and going to Vandalia lake with friends and family.  Cooking is another activity that Jenna enjoys, especially foods like cupcakes or desserts for parties and family gatherings.  

Mrs. Townsend became a nurse because she wanted to be able to make a difference in someone's life just by performing her job and taking care of the sick or injured.  Mrs. Townsend decided that the nursing job would be perfect for her because she likes working with children and has done so in many ways, including teaching sunday school classes.  She is also excited to be working closer to her home in Vandalia and not have to drive a long distance to work and her daughter will not have to worry about finding a ride to school. Her family has supported her through college and into the beginning of this job, and are excited to see her in an environment that is convenient and enjoyable for her.

By Jeffrey Kelly