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Teacher Spotlight with Mrs. Campbell

posted Feb 1, 2016, 7:19 AM by School Publications   [ updated Feb 1, 2016, 7:21 AM ]
       Twenty two years ago our passionate, outgoing, fashionable, and energetic junior high math and special education teacher, Mrs. Whitney Campbell, was hired onto the staff at Brownstown High School. Mrs. Campbell is from Vandalia and also attended Vandalia schools. After she attended St. Louis College of Pharmacy for four years and transferred to the University of Missouri to start her teaching degree, she moved back to Vandalia because of the Missouri flood of 1993.  She finished her degree at Greenville College and then began her career at Brownstown after student teaching at Vandalia schools. 
          Mrs. Campbell was inspired to become a teacher through the influence of her high school chemistry teacher, Mr. Snider. He always had a passion for learning and helping others. Mrs. Campbell had always wanted to pursue a career in teaching, but her mother convinced her to pursue pharmacy. After four years of studying pharmacy, Mrs. Campbell decided on a career in the educational field. She always knew she wanted to help others and she thought teaching would be the perfect career to help others accomplish their goals. Mrs. Campbell is a very inspiring teacher and always pushes students to do their best.
           Mrs. Campbell has been married to her husband John for twenty five years and they have two daughters. Their oldest, Alexa, is twenty three and she is working on her master's degree in business administration. Their other daughter, Caitlyn, is nineteen and is a freshman studying photography. Her husband John is a Vandalia school board member and together the two own Provine Farms in Vandalia. Mrs. Campbell loves spending time with her family, traveling, and reading books. She spends some of her extra time tutoring students. We enjoy having Mrs. Campbell as a part of school. Thank you for your hard work, passion, and always having a positive outlook Mrs. Campbell. Next time you see Mrs. Campbell in the hallway say hello!

by Courtney Zasada