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Monsanto Grow Rural Education $10,000 Grant

posted Sep 8, 2016, 7:25 AM by School Publications   [ updated Sep 8, 2016, 7:27 AM ]
$10,000 is no small chunk of change for the math and science classrooms of Brownstown middle and high school.  At the recent sports booster fish fry those teachers were recognized as winners of the Monsanto Grow Rural Education Grant. Those involved included Mr. Shackelford, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Sussenbach, Mr. Sasse, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Beck, Mrs. McCowan, Mrs. Wakefield, and Jacy Schaub. Members of the farming community that use Monsanto products went online to nominate the school. Jacy Schaub spread the word to local farmers to go online and nominate Brownstown Schools. All teachers then gathered together to detail what they might spend the money on if they received the grant. The last step was to write out the actual grant, and Mr. Shackelford was very helpful with that.

Mrs. Wakefield discovered the grant on her drive to work on RFD radio station. The focus of the grant was math and science.  The departments plan to buy graphing calculators and a few other items for all the math classes. Mrs. Wakefield is acquiring another set of microscopes to allow each student to have their own in a class. Mrs. Larsen also plans to purchase microscopes as well as books, and other utilities. Mrs. Sussenbach at the elementary will receive new Chromebooks and calculators.  This grant will greatly enhance the education and possibilities in both buildings.

Mrs. Wakefield has sent off for many grants in the past to increase her odds. Many people apply for these grants which is why the teachers involved were so ecstatic when they received the email saying they had won. The grant gives away millions of dollars every year all across the United States strictly for math and science. Their focus is on math and science in rural areas of the country because that is where most farming is done. These students will very possibly one day enter a field in agriculture and they hope to encourage some of these students to join their business. Mrs. Wakefield is an example of this as well; she grew up on a farm and is familiar with Monsanto’s business.

           She has no idea how or why they won the grant.  They are all thrilled and eager to put the money to good use to better educate the students of Brownstown.  All the teachers are always looking for grants and opportunities to gain money to purchase resources that they need for their classrooms.  These teachers put in a lot of time and effort and it paid off.  Congratulations to the math and science department for all their hard work.

by Elijah Austin