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Miss Stine's Last Year of School!

posted Sep 8, 2016, 7:36 AM by School Publications   [ updated Sep 8, 2016, 7:38 AM ]

        “Find a home, find a home!” Almost everyone that has had Miss Stine in P.E. knows she loves playing “Squirrels in Trees” as much as the students. This will be the last year to hear this phrase from Miss Stine during P.E., because after thirty three years we are saying our final goodbyes to our spunky, energetic, upbeat, and beloved health and P.E. teacher. When Miss Stine was young her dream was to be a Sunday School teacher. However, that didn’t seem realistic when she realized that the pay would not cover all the bills, but she did think that working only one day a week would be pretty amazing.

Miss Stine was a graduate of the Brownstown School District in 1980. After her high school years she went on to attend Lake Land College for two years, then transferred to SIUE in Edwardsville. In 1984 Miss Stine was hired to teach P.E. from fifth to twelfth grade at Brownstown School District. When she was first hired her extra duties were many: the girls athletic association, varsity club co sponsor, high school and junior high cheerleading sponsor, assistant girls basketball and high school track. Over time she relinquished a few assignments and picked up new duties. These duties included teaching junior and senior high health plus additional elementary P.E. Miss Stine served as  the junior high activities supervisor and coached high school boys track. She also had the opportunity to mow for the School District for several years.

What’s better than traveling to Finland? Living there to be an exchange teacher! Miss Stine was fortunate enough to participate in the William J. Fulbright teacher exchange program during the school year of 1993-94. She was matched with a teacher from Tampere, Finland and for the entire school year she exchanged homes and jobs. When Miss Stine went to Finland she found herself traveling to different schools to teach different grades. Miss Stine stated,”Besides traveling to different schools, the opportunity to travel to different countries and experience the cultures and traditions was a wonderful experience.” Not only did she travel once to Finland, but she received yet another Fulbright Scholarship during the year of 2001-02. She lived in Jyvaskyla, Finland but taught in a small town called Muurame. When she taught there she said that this was the first time in her career that she was able to stay in the same building all day!

Telling stories about Miss Stine’s cats and great nieces in health class was always a fun way to start class. Most students loved hearing about these stories. Miss Stine loves her cats, Beaver and Badger. These two cats were born in the barn during the heatwave of 2010. Beaver and Badger came into Miss Stine’s heart (and home) and have dominated her conversations for 6 years. Two years ago a neighborhood cat shared her litter with Miss Stine and those outside cats are named The Beastie Boyz. Another hobby of Miss Stine includes yard work, which is why she is looking forward to retirement. She will have more time to do outside work and not have to rush on the weeknights to make her yard (and her mother’s!) look nice.

Retirement is coming Miss Stine’s way and she is ready! During her retirement she is hoping to help people who need a ride to their doctor appointments and the airport. She also loves taking pictures, which means she has tons of pictures of her nieces, nephews, and cats! That being said she is going to try to take pictures for family events, weddings, birthday parties, etc. Miss Stine has also agreed to watch Mrs. Seabaugh's children if they are sick when she is at work until their grandparents arrive. :-)

Miss Stine would like to thank the Brownstown School District for allowing her to participate in the Fulbright Scholarship and to work with great colleagues, both foreign and domestic. During her thirty three years of teaching there has been great students that have walked in the gym and her classroom. These kids have touched her life and she hopes to think that she has made their days a little better.

By Evyn Barker