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McTeacher Night

posted Sep 26, 2013, 8:13 AM by School Publications   [ updated Sep 26, 2013, 12:39 PM ]

McTeacher Night

The teachers of Brownstown Elementary School showed their cooking skills Tuesday night at McDonald’s in Vandalia.  The faculty worked the fryer and the lobby in order to help raise money for the school’s PBIS activities.  McTeacher night is when the Vandalia McDonald’s allows teachers to work behind the counter and in the kitchen with a percentage of the proceeds coming back to the school.  The night was as successful as hoped with the teachers raising $600.  

There were four shifts running every hour with five people on each shift for a total of 19 staff members.  Teacher Sandra Stine said, “First time on "fry duty"!  WOWZER!  It took some planning to have the correct fry size bagged or boxed.  Who knew there was a "baby" size???!!!  The head "fry master" went mad trying to determine how many fry baskets to have on hand.  I simply salted, bagged and bagged and bagged.  At one point we were behind in our request for fries, and in my mind I thought "eat a salad.

Some of the artwork had a Halloween theme, as well as cartoon characters.  The artists were among Ms. Jenkins’ Art II students that earned the privilege to decorate McDonald’s to show the high school’s support for McTeacher night.  The BHS Art II students include Alissa Lange, Caitlyn Reeter, Andrew Koonce, Monique Romans, and Jill Schilling.  

The teachers and volunteers that were present are as follows: Nicole Larsen, Verla Reed, Lisa Thompson, Suzanne Stinebring, Talitha Wiedman, Casie Bowman, Cheryl Foster, Sandra Stine, Angela Reeter, Talisha Bloemker, Erin Hoffman, Kayla Hingson, Stacy Sidwell, Karen Lotz, Shannon Claycomb, Rachel Schaal, Lisha Ledbetter, Keri Busher, and Marsha Jenkins.  From the words of Angela Reeter, BES Principal, “We are so proud of  the support our community shows during fundraising activities. We may be a small community, but the amount of support we get is phenomenal”.

by Addison Cage