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Manufacturing Day

posted Sep 29, 2014, 12:07 PM by School Publications

    On Friday, October 3, 2014,  many students around Fayette and Effingham counties are going to the Manufacturer Expo in Effingham.  This expo will teach the students about job and career opportunities, and skills and educational requirements needed at the manufacturer's positions. Students will tour and learn about two of ten different sites.  Some examples are  Versatech, Steven Industries, Nova Solutions, John Boos and Company, and Kingery.  At each manufacturer, there will be information about a possible internship for anyone who is interested.  The students will hear from a recent high school graduate about his internship in the manufacturing business.  

    The day starts at around eight when the schools check in.  Then they tour the manufacturing skills and welding classrooms.  At nine' o'clock, the opening remarks and instructions begin.  For about two hours, the students will travel by bus to visit their manufacturing businesses which they signed up for.  The Manufacturing Trade Show at Keller Convention Center will start between eleven and two o'clock.  Then the students will eat lunch at the Effingham Chamber First Friday Luncheon at around noon to one o'clock.  The students will finish their day completing a survey about the manufacturing day.  The students should arrive back around three o'clock.

    In order to attend and tour manufacturing day students must follow a dress code. No open-toed shoes, shorts, and no crutches or jewelry allowed on the plant tours. Students will follow all safety instructions at all manufacturing locations, they must stay on their assigned bus for all tours.  No cell phones can be used or pictures taken during the tours.  The manufacturing day will teach the students about the manufacturing business and advanced positions which include that of engineer, designer, machinist, computer programmer, or even  accountant.  The students are encouraged to come, especially the ones who want to learn more about being a manufacturer.

by Nate Matthews