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Letters to the President

posted Sep 19, 2016, 8:45 AM by School Publications

                   Last school year the Brownstown school publications class read excerpts from the book Dear Mr. President, edited by Dwight Young, to launch a new writing assignment. The letters of correspondence ranged from the King of Siam to Abraham Lincoln and Elvis Presley to Richard Nixon, from topics on trading with other nations to placing a prohibition on tobacco, and even Elvis asking for federal agent status. As a follow-up to reading the letters, students penned their own thoughts to President Barack Obama about the issues that concerned them most. Most students received an automated email within a week addressing their concerns. However, eight months later one student received an official letter on White House letterhead that was “urgently” shipped UPS and signed by the president himself. Chloe Carson was ecstatic to receive feedback on her concerns with issues affecting her community. She spoke of employment, poverty, and education thoughtfully and intelligently. It is exciting to see, whether you agree with someone politically or not, dialogue between the highest leader in the nation and students in your school. This letter reminds us of our unique democracy and all the good that comes with it. This school year we will be writing letters to a new President of the United States of America in school publications. I look forward to what our students, and our president, has to say.

by Travis Redden