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Let's Eat Breakfast!

posted Sep 29, 2015, 7:29 AM by School Publications
            The alarm doesn't go off until 7:40 on this particular Monday morning.  In order to arrive at school before the bell rings, a decision must be made.  This decision is whether to eat breakfast and speed to school, or skip breakfast and not risk being pulled over.  After a debate, the threat of receiving a fine that can't be afforded wins out and you arrive at school five minutes before the bell rings.  All morning long your stomach growls and you have such low energy levels that any attempts to pay attention in class are lost until lunch.

This scenario is made up, however for some students, the situation is a recurring reality.  Whether the cause be lack of time or resources, many students come to school without consuming any food which affects every aspect of a person's day from attitude to ability to focus.  For these students and others, due to participation in the Federal School Lunch program, Brownstown Jr./Sr. High School has decided to set into motion a free breakfast every morning before school.  The breakfast consists of two grains or proteins such as pop tarts, breakfast bar, or a muffin, one serving of fruit in the form of a carton of apple or orange juice, and milk.  

The school has offered free breakfast for all students for several years, however up until September of the 2015 school year the meal was only offered at the elementary school.  In September, Jennifer Tackett who was hired to oversee and organize breakfast, began distributing from the concession stands where students scan their card and receive food.  When Principal Michael Shackelford first pitched the idea to superintendent Adam Buzzard, he estimated the service to feed between twenty and twenty-five students, but since starting, the program has averaged sixty-seven students every morning.  

The effort has been successful from the perspectives of both students and staff. Cameron Callaway says that he likes the variety and wishes that the breakfast would have been thought of sooner while Brooke Mayfield thinks that the breakfast is helpful to her and others.   Mr. Shackelford is excited about the breakfast, and is very pleased with how respectful the students have been in the facility and the disposal of their waste.  Mr. Shackelford would like to recognize Mr. Buzzard for allowing the school to try something a bit outside the box, as well as the cooks, along with Jeni Tackett, and Steve Waltrip who work very hard to make sure that students can eat a balanced meal in an orderly, healthy, and clean environment.  Mr. Shackelford believes that the extra work is worthwhile and sees the program continuing in future years.

by Chloe Carson