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Lead the School, Voice Your Opinion

posted Sep 23, 2013, 1:05 PM by School Publications   [ updated Sep 24, 2013, 7:08 AM ]

It's that time of year when every class elects three people to be on the BHS Student Council.  Although most people are unaware of just how important student council is, it is a very significant part of our school. Student council, as most of us know, is strictly in charge of the homecoming dance.  Also, they sell those nice bomber t-shirts that everyone wears and sponsor red ribbon week.  Being on student council looks great on applications and resumes.  If you want your voice to be heard, get involved in student council.

While juniors are in charge of prom, student council is in charge of homecoming.  Around November the juniors and seniors in student council take a little road trip to Kelly's, which is a professional party planning business.  There they pick out a theme, colors, and every little detail to make homecoming great. The problem is homecoming is very expensive and in order to pay for this little extravaganza, the student council members push themselves to sell as many t-shirts, hoodies, and pants as possible.  Almost every dollar they make goes straight into homecoming preparation, and what little is left over is put in the account and used to buy ribbons for red ribbon week, or other little expenses.  So next time you fill out that order form to buy a nice new t-shirt, think about where that money is spent and how you are helping to benefit your future.

When we wear red during red ribbon week, we are wearing it in support of being drug and bully free.  What little money is left over after homecoming  is used to buy the ribbons for red ribbon week.  When red ribbon week rolls around, the freshman get to pick out what our ribbon/theme is going to be and make a banner to hang up in the hallway.  So don't forget to receive your ribbon and wear it proudly!

Next time you’re filling out that college application, or that job resume, wouldn't it be nice to put an activity on the line for extracurricular honors?  When you run for student council it gives you an opportunity to become a better leader, and help your community.  Vote for your student council members seriously, because you want the best representation for your class.  This year’s student council members are a fine group of people. The seniors include Danielle Austin, Bethany Oberlink, and Michaela Walk; the juniors are Emily Frailey, Katie Kroll, and Audriana Pruett; the sophomores include Kyrstyn Fitch, Madison Lambert, and Paityn Miller; the freshmen are represented by Kayla Haslett, Jeffrey Kelly, and Melissa Wiley.  I know these students will do the best to make your homecoming week, your red ribbon week, and our school as great as possible!

by Michaela Walk