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Lake Land Leadership Conference

posted Nov 17, 2016, 7:31 AM by School Publications   [ updated Nov 17, 2016, 7:31 AM ]

Image result for lakeland college illinoisOn November 2nd, student council members and the National Honor Society went to Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois for a leadership conference on professionalism. When we arrived at Lake Land they gave each student a different color bandana. The five different colors represented five different schools that were divided into groups to meet new people.

Students visited six different stations. At the first station they talked about why it’s important to dress nicely. When one is dressed nicely, rather than wearing sweatpants, people will take you seriously. When at an interview one is more likely to get the job when you’re dressed appropriately. The second station was all about communication. Eye contact is essential to good communication and avoiding filler words such as “um, uh, er, ah, like, okay, right and you know” will help you come across as prepared and intelligent. The third and sixth station talked about teamwork. Students learned that when teamwork is applied jobs are finished efficiently. The fourth station talked about honesty. The presenters created a scenario for students to tell two truths and one lie. The person to our left had to guess which one was a lie. The game was tricky, especially if you didn’t know the person.

The fifth station was by far my favorite part and I think everyone else would agree. We had a guest speaker named Jason Levasseur from Nashville, Tennessee. Jason is the most awarded musical performer in the history of campus entertainment. Jason’s overall theme was rock star. He placed life lessons into each of his songs. His first lesson that tied into his song was “The Driver is The DJ”. The whole meaning of this lesson was to show that we are the drivers of our own lives. Jason also talked about speed bumps as metaphor. We all have speed bumps in our lives, but we can’t let them slow us down. Another lesson was instruments, and how what we do affects other people’s lives. If we’re off beat, the whole band is off beat,so sometimes we have to be selfish and worry about our own selves. That lesson tied into you having your own band. Who you hang out with matters and has a great impact on you. The last lesson was rock star moments. One should recognize that you already have them and you are able to create more for yourself, your band, and your community!

The leadership conference was a great experience and more people should attend next year. We learned many new ways to improve the attitudes of the students in our school and hopefully students use this knowledge wisely. We want to give a huge thank you to Jason Levasseur for coming and all the students and staff who took time out of their day to host this event.

By Taylor Rine