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Lake Land Community College Field Trip

posted Apr 20, 2016, 7:38 AM by School Publications
    Monday morning students from Mrs. Wakefield's science classes took a trip to Lake Land Community College. Most of the students who attended are enrolled in Lake Land's dual credit Biology class, while a few students are from the chemistry and anatomy class. Many of them are considering Lakeland as a future destination for college. The students had the opportunity to check out some of Lake Land's classes to see what the school has to offer. They also talked to a few college students about what to expect and how to prepare.

         The students toured the dental lab, the nursing lab, the technology building, the library, and the cadaver lab. The students talked in depth with professors Josh Fulk and Ikemefuna Nwosu. Mr. Fulk told the students about careers in civil engineering and showed them how concrete is made and tested. They were also allowed to use the survey equipment that construction workers use. Professor Ike showed students the cadaver lab and they observed the different organs of a real human body.

Students interested in the fields of science, health, technology, engineering, and much more should consider Lake Land Community College as the logical next step on their path to a four year degree.  Associate degrees in science will transfer to many state universities.

Students at Brownstown High School are already on the right path. Students are already taking dual credit classes such as Biology and Strategies for Success with teachers Mrs. Wakefield and Mrs. Seabaugh.  They are also enrolled in Spanish, a prerequisite for many undergraduate degrees. Opportunities abound for many of our students if they challenge themselves with the right courses.

By Courtney Zasada