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Lakeland College Science Department Visit

posted Apr 8, 2015, 12:12 PM by School Publications   [ updated Apr 20, 2015, 12:20 PM ]

Lakeland College Science Department Visit

Mrs.Wakefield took her Chemistry, Anatomy, and Biology II classes on a field trip to Lakeland College recently.  While there, students were able to meet new people like the student tour guides and college professors.  The teachers and tour guides helped Brownstown students to learn about dental care and the human body.  The tour guides led them around campus and showed them the buildings where classes are held.  Students from Lakeland College show visitors classroom activities that students could participate in if they choose certain science classes at their institution.

Ike Nwosu is a professor at Lakeland Junior College and an expert in Anatomy.  The students from Brownstown were in groups of three to four and they placed fake body parts back into the correct spots.  Ike walked around and examined all the bodies.  “It wasn’t a complete disaster, they did better than I was expecting” said Ike.  The unique thing about one of the bodies was that one had a fetus in it.  The first group that was done and had it correct received a Lakeland lunch box container.

The Brownstown students visited the dental lab where they were taught about the process behind x-rays.  They also had a huge sanitation area to clean the materials needed for the process. At Lakeland students have the opportunity to go through introductory courses needed to become a dentist.  Then when they are done with their courses they begin on the dummy’s mouth.  Eventually the students are allowed to work on friends and families.

Brownstown students were also allowed to go into the nursing lab.  That is where we were shown the tools they use and told how they are use.  The students at Lakeland college work through their classes then move into the lab and work on the dummies.  There are many dummies at Lakeland college that do many different things.  The students becoming nurses learn how to help a patient in birth, put an IV in a arm, take care of a wound, and even help with medical problems.  During these courses of becoming a nurse the students learn to be patient and stay calm in many different situations.  

When students attend this field trip to Lakeland College they have the opportunity to touch a cadaver.  A cadaver is a person who donated their body after they died to be examined by college students and the medical field.  At Lakeland the cadaver is dissected so you can see the human organs in the body and examine it.  But before examining you have to go through the courses that lead up to the dissection and examination of a human body.

If you ever have the chance to visit Lakeland college, take the opportunity.  They have students from the college that give campus tours and answer all questions visitors may have.  While you are there you will learn about many different courses, get an idea of where your college classes will be taking place, and see firsthand the work you will be doing in the near-future. This free, fun, and informational experience is one that all prospective students should grab.  

by Chelsey Lange